Friday, 11 September 2009

Launch of Wendyl's Green Goddess range.

Very excited because today we launch Wendyl's Green Goddess range of natural cleaners at the Home Show. We've been making these products in the kitchen for the past week, my son Daniel designed the labels, daughters Hannah and Pearl helped stick them on and husband Paul and I spent hours stirring, sifting, pouring and bottling. A great sense of achievement and feedback so far has been amazing.

The difference between my cleaners and commercial ones is I say what is in them. As in soap, water, essential oils rather than the mumbo jumbo they put on their labels under terms like surfectants, humectants and non ionic this and that. Even the eco labels are doing it. I particularly like one range which says it is 99% natural. What's in the other one percent? Cyanide? Arsenic?
Wendyl's Green Goddess cleaners contain things like baking soda, washing soda, borax, essential oils, soap. All natural, all clearly on the label and all smell delicious. I'm particularly proud of the anti-bacterial spray which smells amazing.

Here's a sneak peak at the range -

Spray cleaner 1 litre

+ contains anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-viral oils

+ leaves kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean and refreshed

+ spray on kitchen cloths to clean and deodorise

Glass cleaner 1 litre

+ leaves glass and mirrors sparkling

+ easily removes soap build-up

+ pleasant natural fragrance

Anti-bacterial spray 250ml

+ contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic essential oils

+ nature’s ingredients, safe to use around children and pets

+pleasant natural fragrance

Lavender Laundry liquid 4 litres

*32 washes

+ no more white soap residue on black laundry items

+ leaves clothes soft and scented

+ green, natural product - no pollutants going down the drain

Bluing powder 500ml

*50 washes

+ Removes unsightly grey and yellow tinge from whites

+ All natural ingredients

All products come with no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee

Orders and enquiries:
phone: 027 652 9800

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Zequeatta Jaques said...

Wendyl, good luck with your Launch. I like to use natural products. I use baking soda all the time. It absorbs odors. A cup kept in your frig keeps it smelling fresh. A cup of baking soda added to my laundry I think softens it, and enhances the power of my laundry soap used.