Saturday, 16 January 2010

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I'm having trouble keeping all my websites updated - anyone else have that problem? You can find all the latest recipes,information and my newsletter on Once I work out how to link that with this, my blog will be a little more current - meanwhile apologies and please follow me on twitter, Facebook and the website.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Liquid Handwash Recipe

Here's the liquid handwash recipe I mentioned on NewstalkZB this morning:

Easy liquid handwash.
This is one of my favourite and quickest recipes to make and while the mixture is a bit gluggy as it comes out of the dispenser the glycerine in it keeps your hands wonderful moisturised and they smell amazing.
250 ml boiling water
2 Tbsp grated Sunlight soap
2 tsp glycerine or glycerol (from the chemist or supermarket)
2 tsp rosewater (from the chemist of the specialty food stores)
Melt the grated soap in the boiling water and then stir in the glycerine and rosewater. Pour into the soap dispenser while still warm as it sets as a jelly.

On NewstalkZb this morning

I'm on air sharing natural recipes for cleaning and beauty - also I've just put up my New Year's special on Trade Me - my 2 litre lavender laundry liquid and blueing powder to make your sheets whiter than white - both for just $16.00. Start the New Year, clean, green and no more chemicals.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How's this for a tub full of jersey bennes!

How's this for an old recycling tub full of jersey benne potatoes! I just shoved them in before we went away in late October because I found them sprouting in the shed and when I went to harvest today I couldn't believe how many there are. I'm planning to have them for lunch sliced up with rosemary and garlic on a pizza. Yum!
If you've got any of these old bins lying around they make great planters as they are nice and deep for root growth and hold water well with good drainage.
Get planting today. I just refilled this one with some capsicum plants.