Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Prius - the Man Magnet

Incredibly girl-like observation number two since getting the Prius is that men stare at me. All the time. I began to think my new diet must really be having results until my husband pointed out that they're looking at the car...not me. I realised he was right when I came out of the supermarket and found three guys huddled around it muttering words like "hybrid" and "electric." I took great pleasure in demonstrating my no key unlocking technique, and I was right about that, men really do prefer keys.
We took the Prius for a Sunday afternoon drive today, like everyone used to do in the old days, except we skipped the bit where you visit old people for endless cups of tea. Pearl was already looking dismayed enough at the prospect of a drive. So we headed for Miranda taking the long route through Clevedon so that we could stop at the market. Unfortunately the oyster shop wasn't open but we did have fantastic fish and chips at Kaiaua. We left Pearl in the car and she said the group of guys over the fence were talking about the car, just like the ones at the supermarket. The Prius drove beautifully although the Sat Nav woman, who I'm beginning to dislike because she's very British and quite bossy, gave us a few wrong turns, but I think that may have had something to do with my destination inputting technique. We opened up the sun roof and let the fresh air in rather than use the air con, and the long drive was a great chance to see how my eco driving skills are developing. I managed to keep the graph on the dash mostly on the eco side, but it was pointed out to me that I was driving like a Grandma. There's definitely less foot to the floor and more gradual pedal pushing. But I like it!Who needs to hurry on a Sunday. Tell that to the cars backed up behind us, said my husband.
Forgot the camera, so thanks to R Abraham on the net for the shot.

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