Friday, 29 May 2009

One book on shelves, another one delivered.

Domestic Goddess on a Budget hits the shelves this weekend, while I tackle my publisher's suggestions for my novel. It is very weird to have a book about cleaning recipes and life management out while I wrestle with my dark thriller. I've been very grumpy that the publisher didn't just accept it as is and requires changes, which just goes to show how naive I am about the novel writing process. Apparently this is what you do and my friend and successful novelist Nicky Pellegrino is helping me through it. I have also signed up for a novel writing workshop.  

Anyway, Domestic Goddess on a Budget is only $25 and if you make all the cleaning recipes in it you will save about $35 a month so it will pay for itself!  I'm also interested in any recipes anyone might have tucked away which I will post here and then put in the next edition if there is one. Reviews so far: my friend Jeremy Wells said he liked the relationship advice and the ZB newsroom like the lavender spray cleaner I delivered up there yesterday. Make it yourself by filling a 1 litre spray bottle with warm water, add 1 tsp baking soda, a few drops of dishwashing detergent and 10 drops of lavender essential oil.


Summerose said...

Hi Wendyl
Just got my copy of your new book, thanks for putting it all in one book so now i don't have to try and keep all the recipes from the NZWW column in one place, I am yet to try any of the recipes and this may seem a really silly question but where do you purchase your Castile Soap from?

Wendyl Nissen said...

I get mine from health shops, and my local bin inn has it. The best type is Dr Bronner's...just ask I'm sure they can get it in for you. Thanks for the feedback, enjoy.

rock star said...

Hey, I love your book! I brought it recently and I'm trying to save money where I can it's helping me understand what I can do to change my ways, I suffer from asthma and it's hard to keep my room clean. I find your book good you should continue writting books, write one about beauty on a budget? Insparation I guess lol!